Upper Elementary


With new physical and psychological needs and capabilities in tow in grades four through six, students at the Upper Elementary Level are at an exciting point in their lives. They are now are able to think more abstractly, engage more independently with their surroundings, and produce a greater quantity and quality of work.

Students continue working to their full potential in a curriculum-rich environment. At the Upper Elementary level students are guided and supported in independent learning. In turn, they gain confidence and a sense of fulfillment.

The Montessori philosophy addresses the special challenges of pre-adolescents by helping them develop the confidence to face the social, emotional, and societal pressures of their age. Thacher’s guidance at this stage is no different; we promote the pursuit of knowledge for the joy of the process and the satisfaction of the result. Our Upper Elementary students are imbued with a sense of responsibility as they prepare to become members of the larger community and citizens of the world.

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