Annual Fund

Annual Giving Campaign

The 2016-107 Annual Fund Campaign

Our goal for this year is to grow community participation to 100%.

Vote for Thacher

As community members, we all have a role in helping to support our school and this includes making a contribution to the Annual Fund. An annual donation shows your support for Thacher and our community. Like a vote, it adds strength and inspiration to our mission, directly impacting all Thacher students this year. That is why every gift matters, regardless of amount. Every gift is a vote.


A vote for Thacher is a vote for:

  • Students: Every student will benefit from your donation by coming to school every day in an engaging, diverse environment.
  • Teachers: Your donation funds professional development, classroom materials, and teacher salaries.
  • Montessori: Donations make it possible for Thacher to deliver an excellent Montessori education that fosters empathy, respect, independence, and deep learning.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Thacher have an Annual Fund?

Like all independent schools, Thacher relies on philanthropic support to help provide for the projects and programs that assist us in nurturing the children you have entrusted to us. At this school, contributions not only help achieve financial success, but are also integral to preserving the very culture that we value so much.

Often, families are unsure of the necessity of giving to the Annual Giving Campaign, assuming that tuition covers the complete cost of educating their student. Tuition at Thacher is kept below market rates to maintain affordability and economic diversity. The financial model that supports the school’s operation depends on two principal sources of revenue: tuition revenue and the philanthropy of alumni, parents and friends. Supporting the Annual Fund is a vital component of this financial equation.

How are donations used?

Every donation helps deliver an exceptional Montessori education to students at Thacher. Like most independent schools, tuition and fees do not cover the true cost of educating a student. The gap between cost and tuition is covered by annual giving. These donations help fund the daily operation of the school and enable Thacher to not just accomplish its mission, but excel at doing so.

Three annual fund critical areas of support include:

  • Financial Aid
    Our school founder Maureen Coughlan had a vision for providing a Montessori education to a diverse community of students. Having a robust financial aid program allows us to enroll families who are committed to the mission of the school, thereby strengthening the community.
  • Professional Development
    Thacher’s robust professional development budget provides opportunities for staff to explore important topics in education. This learning contributes directly to the energy and knowledge that staff bring into the classroom. This year, staff have several in-house opportunities for development, including educational consultants on Montessori philosophy, national Montessori leader David Kahn speaking on Montessori as systems thinking, and Chip DeLorenzo on positive discipline.
  • Classroom Materials
    One of Thacher’s strengths is our beautifully prepared classroom environments, equipped with a full range of beautifully crafted Montessori materials. Other Montessori educators who visit our classrooms have high praise for the array of materials we have.  The aesthetics of our prepared classroom environments encourage our students to bring their best selves to learning.


How much should I give?

We ask all current families to make the school one of their top charitable giving priorities while they are enrolled. The actual amount of the gift differs from family to family, of course.  Our hope is that each family will make a gift within their means. The most important thing is that every family makes a gift, regardless of the amount.  Every gift is a show of support for the school. Every gift encourages others to make a gift, which grows into a strong level of annual donations. The level of parent participation in its annual giving is one indicator of the level of parent commitment to the school.  Prospective families look at this figure as well as possible corporate and foundation donors.

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