Thacher Athletic program is designed to aid in the academic, emotional, and physical development of our students through the promotion of teamwork, sportsmanship and athletic competition.

Middle School Athletics

By graduation, almost 75 percent of students play on at least one of our interscholastic or intramural teams. All middle schoolers have the opportunity to participate in the MIAA (Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association), basketball league.

Thacher’s athletic program introduces students to the world of sports and physical fitness. Our environment encourages them to engage in friendly competition and contribute positively to team dynamics.

They also have lots of fun!

Elementary Level Athletics

Students at the Elementary level are working on emotional control, dependability and respect for rules, property, and authority. Students are provided with lots of opportunities to pursue physical fitness as a means of well-being.

In addition to our annual field/spirit day, all Elementary students are welcome on our Soccer, Basketball, and Flag Football teams.

Children's House Physical Education

Daily recess, allotted turf-time, parent-organized soccer clinics and lots of playground time keep our Children's House students active every day, every season.

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