Thacher parents play an essential role in life at school. A great way to get involved in connecting to the Thacher community is by helping the Thacher Family Network (TFN) organize various community-building activities for our families. Parent participation is encouraged at any level.

As part of school activities, parents help on field trips, are judges are the Science Fair and share their skills with classrooms. They also volunteer in the library, greet children in the morning at drop-off, and serve on school committees. Outside of school, parents coordinate hikes in the Blue Hills, playdates at Houghton Pond, and create celebration events like the Holidays Around the World brunch. Our parents host annual classroom potluck dinners and sponsor a teacher appreciation luncheon. We welcome parent participation and consider Thacher families to be an integral part of life at our school.

Another great way to strengthen the Thacher community is by helping the Thacher Family Network (TFN) organize community-building activities for our families. For information about how you can help with the TFN, please contact Daniela Field at

Thacher Parents Facebook

All current Thacher parents are encouraged to join our private Facebook page. Make it your go-to place to connect with other families.


A defining feature of Thacher’s community is diversity. Our families come from 44 cities and towns in the Metro Boston Area and the South Shore. Not only are we from many areas around Boston but we celebrate diversity from around the world as well. Our children come from families speaking 20 different languages. Thacher parents play an essential role in life at school, and their community building events enhance life and friendships outside of school.

Traffic Etiquette

Please adhere to the following guidelines when coming to Thacher for drop-off and dismissal:

  • Please do not turn left into Thacher from Blue Hill Avenue (Route 138) and do not take a left out of Thacher onto 138.
  • To come into Thacher from the south, turn onto Canton Avenue, keep to the left around the bend, turn left at the traffic-light intersection on 138 and turn right into the school.
  • To go north from Thacher: first, go south on 138 for 100 feet and turn left onto Canton Avenue, then bear left to the traffic light and turn right onto 138 north.
  • Please only pull ahead of another car at drop-off or dismissal if one of the staff members waves you on to do so.
  • If you arrive early in the afternoon for dismissal at 3:15, please wait in the Trailside parking lot (100 yards south and across the street) until 3:15.
Bullying Prevention & Intervention

We are committed to providing a physically and emotionally safe environment, free from all forms of bullying, for all students, staff and other constituents.

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