Summer Programs


The end of the school year means the beginning of summer fun!

Thacher offers a range of summer programs for toddlers through adolescents. To keep the learning momentum going, we have sessions for all ages.


Toddler Summer Program

Toddlers will explore and grow in an environment designed to encourage the development of independence and skills that prepare them for a lifetime of learning.

Open to all toddlers registered for Thacher’s Toddler Program for the upcoming school year.

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Children's House Summer Program

The Children’s House Summer Program is designed for children entering or returning to the Thacher Montessori primary program in the fall. Each session is Montessori-based and includes outdoor adventures and group activities.

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Elementary/Middle School Summer Program

Join us for a summer filled with joy, friends, and learning. Each session focuses on a specific subject, allowing your child to dig deeper into their interests.

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