Your support matters.

The strength of a school is in the engagement of its community.

Giving encompasses financial gifts, volunteerism, and gifts-in-kind (books, equipment, etc.). This sharing of time, skills, and resources sets a valuable example of community engagement for our students and allows us to reach beyond the limits of tuition dollars to create extraordinary experiences and learning environments for our students.

As you consider your engagement with Thacher, remember that every gift enhances the experience of every child. The strength of our school reflects on all members of our community from current students to alumni long gone. We see it in the toddlers when they are absorbed in the music of a visiting artist, the Children’s House students as they play their bells with such care, the elementary students planning and researching a going out trip, and the Adolescent Program students heading over to Wakefield with nature journals at the ready. The Annual Fund has supported all of these programs, and all are critical enhancements to Thacher’s programs.

However you choose to give, the Thacher community is grateful to you. Through almost 40 years of Thacher’s existence, we remain united in support of our students. Our children have benefited from parent and alumni committee members, financial support of programming, field trip chaperones and classroom volunteers. Every expression of support is valuable, deeply appreciated and makes a difference.

Make Every Day A Thacher Day