Our program focuses on whole-child development and includes classes in science, math, art, music, Spanish, Mandarin, and wellness, and physical education. We provide access to Academic Support Services at all levels.

Art at Thacher

Guided by artist Renay Bane, students explore art through a study of Fine Arts and Cultural/Folk Arts that reflect and integrate with classroom studies each year.

From throwing on a pottery wheel to the exploration of personal ideas to the study of snowflakes – every Thacher student discovers their inner artist.

Music at Thacher

Children grow up at Thacher with the experience that everyone is a musician. Children cultivate not only technical understanding but their awareness of self, community, and meaning through hours of musical play and challenges.

Music with professional musician Victor McSurely (plays with Boston’s Blue Man Group, and with Robert Fripp and the Orchestra of Craft Guitarists) is a highlight at Thacher for our students. Between Children’s House and graduating from the Adolescent Program, the average child will participate in 53 musical performances!

Physical Education & Wellness

Thacher prepares students for a lifetime of physical activity and wellness. The Wellness and PE classes of Elementary and Middle School focus on utilizing teamwork and collaboration to complete given objectives. The students work on physical Team Challenges where they collaborate and problem-solve. Children’s House students explore the gymnasium space while navigating balancing courses, tossing and kicking different sizes and textures of sports balls, dancing to music and learning simple yoga poses.

All Thacher students are encouraged to participate in team sports and games. Our beautiful artificial turf soccer field provides an opportunity for year-round outdoor activity. From student/staff contests to annual field days  – every child is part of team Thacher.

Science & Math at Thacher

From discovering genetics and DNA to building simple machines to solving social justice math problems - Thacher's Science & Math program, lead by Sally Fitzgerald, is indeed designed around student's natural curiosity.

Using real-world scenarios, students take a scientific approach to solving problems that matter. Students explore a variety of topics, including introductory coding to horticulture. Many blossoming gardeners discover the world of botany in our beautiful greenhouse as they experiment with, and care for, their plants.

Foreign Languages at Thacher

Students study world languages as a way to connect with others across cultural, political, and geographical borders. Our students learn to respect diverse communities and embrace cultures that differ from their own.

Thacher designed standards within the framework of the National Standards for Foreign Language. Thacher students study Spanish and Mandarin from Lower Elementary through the Adolescent Program. Music, video projects, and conversational skills are woven into every Foreign Languages class.

Academic Support Services

Our teachers nurture each child's potential and engage students based on their skills and interests. In addition, Academic Support Services are available to students who benefit from extra support in reading, writing, comprehension, and math.

Students receive academic support in the classroom or a private setting on a one-to-one basis.

Artificial turf soccer field
Science lab
Outdoor classroom
Taiko drumming
Studio music