Children’s House Summer

Children's House Program and Sessions

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Summer Fun
Join us as we jump into summer with fun outdoor activities, arts & crafts, gardening, and water play!
On the Farm
Get ready to learn about life on a farm! Children will the Wakefield Estate and visit farm animals later in the week.
Around the World
Join us as we explore the seven continents. This fun trip around the world will introduce children to different countries, cultures, music, and more!
Planet Earth
Discover more about planet Earth, work in the Community Garden, and create art with recycled materials.
Splish Splash
Children will stay cool in the middle of summer with this week full of water activities, such as sink and float, ice melt, and outdoor sprinkler fun.
Dinosaur Dig
Jump back in time as we explore the Mesozoic Era when the dinosaurs roamed the earth. Children will have a chance to “dig” for dinosaur bones and build a skeleton of their own to keep.
Shark Week
Join us as we dive deep into the ocean and explore life under the sea. We will be investigating the habitats and lifestyles of sharks, whales, fish, and crustaceans this week.
Dance to the Music
Step to the beat as we move and groove to music throughout the ages and use musical instruments to dance to the rhythm.


Dates Details

After-care available for all summer programs:

Thacher offers after-care for all summer programs.

Please contact Kristin Drozek [email protected]  with any questions.