Every parent and guardian of a Thacher student is a member of the Thacher Parent Council (TPC). The TPC supports the mission of Thacher Montessori School and helps to strengthen our school community by sponsoring events for families, parent education, and fundraising. VISIT THE THACHER PARENTS' FACEBOOK PAGE

TPC Leadership 2018-2019


    Vanessa Holroyd


    Carolyn Clark

Annual TPC Organized Events

Welcome Back Picnic

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Around the World Brunch

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Spring Carnival

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Staff Appreciation Days

Thacher staff and students at school picnic

2019-20 Parent Committees

Class Parent Committee

Toddler: Elizabeth Lazar, Nicole Coman
CHB: Christine Morda, Sue Ruiz
CHC: Caro Bihldorff, Zina Aghdasi
CHD: Stacey Santoro, Courtney Ellard
LEB: Yujie Jin, Trish Kendall
LEC: Stacey Santoro, Kim Nicoll
UEA: Erin Parsekian, Deb Thayer
UEB: Jess McDaniel
AP: Vanessa Holroyd Fawn Boyd Vigil


Diversity Committee
Coordinator: Kim Nicoll (LEC, UEB)

In collaboration with Thacher Sfaff, the Diversity Committee reaches out to communities of color for admissions and professional staff. The Committee helps to develop school awareness around issues of cultural, racial and gender diversity.


Staff Appreciation Committee
Coordinator: Courtney Ellard (CHD)

Organize and produce teacher appreciation events such as holiday gratitude cards, May Teacher Appreciation Week, and End-of-Year Gift Cards.


Events and Fundraisers Committee
Coordinator: Jessica McDaniel (UE, AP)

Organize and produce community events and fundraisers such as the Back-to-School picnic, Around the World Brunch, Spring Carnival, and End-of-Year Picnic.


Family Connections Committee
Coordinator Caro Bihldorff (CHC, LEC)

Provide direct outreach and community support to new and rising families, and create informational materials to inform and connect Thacher families.