Thacher Montessori School Core Values


Our core values are grounded in astrong foundation of authentic Montessori philosophy and pedagogy, which guides our curriculum, community, and school culture.


We are committed to creating a challenging, dynamic, and robust academic program, developing students who have a love of learning, value hard work, and strive to reach their full potential.


As a school community, we value and strive to achieve balance in our approach to work and learning.


We value a community that is inclusive, collaborative, and connected.


We value all types of diversity and encourage active participation from all members of our community.


We value the natural world, both as an extension to the learning in the classroom and as an important way for our community to join together in caring for the earth and its resources. We also value the Montessori prepared environment as a place designed to inspire and support optimal learning.


We value and demonstrate respect for ourselves,for one another,and for the world around us.